Earn Dollars While Reading

Photo by jpsblog.org

Whew!  It’s been like eon years since I posted something here.  Hey!  I have great news for everyone.  You can now earn money while reading articles in your chosen field of interest.

Instead of spending your time flirting and chatting in Facebook, why not develop the hobby of reading at earn money at the same time?

If you’re a freelancer like me,  who’s always online, you should not miss this great opportunity.  SIGN UP now and starting earning money while building your knowledge database.

Don’t forget to comment on this post after you first pay out.  Happy reading and earning. (:



Stanley Hotel in Colorado is Haunted!

OMG!  Just read about this.  I might reconsider my booking.  ):  Have you booked already?  Then enjoy the horror! LOL!

This hotel was opened in the year 1909 and is best known for inspiring Stephen King’s The Shining. There have been numerous reports of hauntings, including staff claiming to hear a party in the ballroom only to find it empty. Some also claim to have seen a man standing over their bed, and believe that this ghost to be responsible for stealing some guests’ personal effects. – Hotel Guides

Stanley Hotel is permanently erased from my Hotels to visit list. ):

Vampire Wars, The Best MUD Game!

It’s a fact.  You can see Facebook people from all walks and ages playing this addictive game like there’s no end to it.  For me, Vampire Wars is the best MUD Game in Facebook.

MUD or Multi User Dungeon games are becoming more and more popular because of social networking sites.  This text-based type of online entertainment conquered the hearts of many not just because it serves as an interconnecting bond between online users, but it is also very convenient to play compared to RPGs and PC games.  The latter which are more into GUI (Graphical User Interface) consume a lot of space in you PC’s memory, and installation is a must to play.  On the other hand, MUD games don’t require any of those because you will just play it online along with your friends without the hassle of installation and lagging because of memory space problem.

So, why Vampire Wars became the best MUD game?  The answer is rather simple.  Vampires are closer to human beings than any Mafia Lords, Pets, Mobs, etc..  We, human beings, have an endless fascination toward this immortal creatures.  Well, the millions of  Twilight Saga (by Stephenie Meyer) followers worldwide is a concrete evidence of how the human race embraces these filthy yet sexy bloodsuckers! (;

Oh, well, aside from the reason above, and technically speaking, Zynga really did a great job in making VW very entertaining and addictive.  You can check the fan page I created so that you can grow your VW clans fast.

My First Personal Blog


I’ve been blogging for quite a while now but they are all related to work and projects.  This blog will serve as my personal ranting space.  I’ll be featuring anything that catches my fancy.  I’ll also be uploading photos from my travels.  So, you better drop your comments and his.  Lol!

Anyways, would you believe that I was a little bit drunk when I asked someone to take that photo of me above?  Yeah, I’m that crazy sometimes. (;

N.B: removed photo for privacy purposes